Disposable Bacterial and Viral Filter

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Description Bacterial/Viral Filter (BV)
Humidity Output N/A
Filtration Efficiency BFE 99.999%
VFE 99.99%
Resistance @ 30 LPM 60pa
Dead space 32ml
Tidal Volume Range 250-1500ml
Connections 22M/15F-22F/15M
Gas Monitoring Luer Port with retainer strap Yes
Weight 24g


Used in anesthesia and respiratory system, our B/V Filter is designed for the protection of the patient, hospital personnel and the equipment from potential microbial contamination.


• Lightweight reduces torque on tracheal connection.
• Transparent shell for good visualization of any potential blockage.
• ISO connectors allow for safe and secure connections.
• Gas sampling port with cap for easy, safe monitoring of expired gases.
• ISO, CE&FDA 510K


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