Our Researches

We have partnered with
Zurko Bio research to do a research on our products.


Soap sponge 180319.

During a six week of sponges use on 20 volunteers. Each to use to sponge for woman 18-70 years old, personal. Give feedback and confirm if they would keep using the sponges.
The test problem intimate sponge impregnated with soap. 33cl of water and for it to be soapy to wash the full body.
Patch test concluded the sponge component is well tolerated by the skin for none-irretaron, neither allergic reaction.
Results shown the Metrodologs adopted (batch: 70209) to meet the requirements of the skin compatibility and classified non-irritant
Finally, 95% percent of volunteers have chosen to be using their non-chemical sponges instead of their habitually products.
We recommend one sponge each bath. Feel the difference in a fresh, moisture with Aloe Vera, and 100% antibacterial skin that’s is medically proven.



We are happy to announce that M plus Medical have achieved a big task on insuring their products is safe and secure. We have done patch test on 10 volunteers which were kids between the age of three months and three years. To evaluate the acceptability, subjective efficacy and tolerance of the participants in the study.
Preforming the paediatric and dermatological to follow up on any adverse symptoms that could appear while and after using the products. At the end of the study, the paediatrician and the dermatologist performed together with the technician examined clinically the volunteers, filling out a questionnaire about the conditions of the experimental area after the use of the product, including a visual evaluation experimental area of the volunteers. The parameters that were analysed were the following ones: desquamation, dryness, acne prone skin, redness, spots, edema, vesicles, and others, in a scale of five points: absence, very slight alteration, slight alteration, medium alteration and severe alteration. At the end of the study, none of the volunteers showed any alterations associated with the use of the product, as all were satisfied with the result of the sponges.