SURGIFLEX® - Flexible Rings for Annuloplasty

The Surgiflex® flexible rings for annuloplasty are intended for use in patients for the correction of mitral and/or tricuspid human valve insufficiency, or mixed mitral/tricuspid insufficiency and stenosis (acquired or congenital), where treatment does not need a replacement of the natural valve; or to replace an annuloplasty ring that has been previously implanted.

The Surgiflex® prosthesis carries out the major function of maintaining the physiologic annular shape and motion. The annuloplasty ring is designed to follow the functional changes which occur during the cardiac cycle, thereby maintaining coaptation and valve integrity in systole while permitting good hemodynamics in diástole.

The annuloplasty rings should be used only in cases where visual inspection confirms that the valve is repairable and does not require replacement.

The flexibility of the ring enables the recovery of the valve ring while at the same time helps the natural threedimensional movement of the annulus during the cardiac cycle, while providing support against dilatation. The flexibility reduces the stress over the sutures, decreasing the risk of reaping.

  • Flexible bands allow natural annulus sphincter movement during the cardiac cycle
  • Radiopaque. Impregnated with barium sulfate to enable radiographic visualization
  • Built in a single piece of silicone rubber band, covered in high porosity polyester velour cloth to allow a rapid endothelialization
  • Ease of implantation


The Surgiflex® annuloplasty system offers two types of rings:

Complete Ring

Designed to be used in the mitral valve repair.


Designed to be used in the mitral and/ortricuspid valve repair. Posterior annulus.

Product Specifications:

Complete Ring


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PDF Brochure