H.F.S. Bioprosthesis Porcine Cardiac Valve

The H.F.S.® (High Flexible Stent) Bioprosthesis Porcine Cardiac Valve has been designed and developed with the objective of homologating its high flexibility to the biological tissues that shape the aortic root.

The H.F.S. (High Flexible Stent) Porcine Bioprosthesis Heart Valve is manufactured from entirely, natural and no rebuild aortic porcine heart valves, which have been under a strict selection performed during the removal of the porcine valve and treated with glutaraldehyde. The use of fresh and entirely porcine heart valves represents an advantage because it prevents possible leaflets tears or ruptures.

Treated with Glutaraldehyde, the advanced cardiac bioprosthesis possess a highly flexible metallic stent, built of Elgiloy, an alloy of cobalt, chrome, nickel and molybdenum. This material is highly biocompatible and fatigue resistant.

The Highly Flexible Stent maximizes the Effective Orifice Area (EOA) allowing an increased blood flow and less obstruction. The flexibility in its orifice and commissures enables to absorb the stress and loading shock on critical areas of tissue produced by the constant movement of the leaflets.

The function of the flexible valve orifice is to absorb the aortic movement during the cardiac cycle. The final result is a stentless bioprosthesis, with an optimized valve seating due to a contoured and compliant sewing ring and the security of a harmonious distribution of its commissures´ support.

During the manufacturing process, the H.F.S.® Bioprosthesis Cardiac Valves are submitted to a tissue treatment phase in which they are applied a tampon solution that contains Ethylic Alcohol, Glutaraldehyde and Formaldehyde at a controlled temperature. The treatment with this solution that contains ethanol in its formula reduces the level of cholesterol and lipids in the tissue, contributing to decrease the calcification of the prosthesis after the implant.

Built on the proven performance of Liotta Bioimplant valves, with over 10 years of clinical experience.

Product Specifications: Aortic and Mitral Models

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