Disposable Pressure Transducer

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Type Package Carton size G.W Remark
DBPT-0103 40pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.5.5KG Adult
DBPT-0130 40pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.5.5KG Pediatric
DBPT-00203 40pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.5KG Intervention Use
DBPT-0303 40pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.5KG Assembled Core Part
DBPT-0403 20pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.6KG Double Lumen
DBPT-0503 20pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.5.5KG Closed blood sampling system
DBPT-1003 15pcs /carton 41.5*29*44.5cm Appro.7KG Triple Lumen


Provide consistent and accurate readings of arterial and venous blood pressure measurements


  • Consistent and accurate readings during blood pressure monitoring.
  • Kit options (3cc or 30cc) for both adult/pediatric patients;
  • Available for single, double and triple line options;
  • Available with closed blood sampling and conversation;
  • 6 connectors and various cables match most monitors in the world;
  • ISO, CE & FDA 510K.


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