Soda Lime
Soda Lime
Soda Lime 1.2KG

1.Product Specification

White-Voilet     A10111-45(4.5g/barrel)  A10111-12(1.2g/barrel)

Pink to Yellow  A10112-45(4.5g/barrel)  A10112-12(1.2g/barrel)



2.Intended use

absorbing carbon dioxide in the closed breathing circuit of anesthesia machine.

3. Composition

A mixsture of Sodium hydroxide, calsium hydroxide and color indicator


Ca(OH)2         90-95%

NaOH             5-10%


Indicator A         0.03%(white to purple)

Indicator B         0.05%(pink to pale yellow)



4. Product clafication

As per appendix IX of MDD93/42/EEC, the product is clacified as IIa.



5. Main performance parameters:

Granule hardness :…………99%                Moisture absorption: …………3%

Carton dioxide absorption……26%


Shape: short cylindrical granule                 Size(mm): Φ3.0±0.1  L 4.0~7.0

Color: white, pink                                      Odor: no odor.




1.  granule hardness and high carbon dioxide absorption.

2. ISO, CE and FDA certifcated.