Filter & HMEF
Filter & HMEF
Disposable Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter(HMEF)

Filters play a key role in protecting the safety of patients on mechanical ventilation and reducing the risk of cross contamination. Filtration can protect your hospital by helping to re-vent the inhalation of harmful pathogens, helps protect hospital equipment, including ventilators, from contamination with bacteria and viruses and helps prevent the spread of infection.
Item No. Specification Type Packing
A501-2 HMEF Adult 100pcs/carton


Description Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter (HMEF)
Humidity Output 31mg/H2O @ VT 500ml
Filtration Efficiency BFE 99.999%

VFE 99.999%

Resustance @ 60 LPM 180pa
Dead space 45ml
Tidal Volume Range 150-1500ml
Connections 22M/15F-22F/15M
Gas Monitoring Luer Portwith retainer strap Yes
Weight 30g